Thursday, February 12, 2009


Is finding pleasure in being at home with nothing to do a sign of age? It seems as though my sons think they need to have someplace to go every night. I think I remember feeling that way. But its been a long time and truthfully, I am so pleased to have a night at home with nothing to do that those memories are really dim. Somehow I think when we get older we appreciate the simpler things in life.

Of course, I also enjoy going out and there's nothing quite as exciting as dinner and a movie. But with all the meetings I attend in the evening I've come to value some mindless hours in front of the TV or just reading a book.

Of course the only thing that could improve on the stay-at-home scenario would be a chef to feed me something absolutely delicious (but low calorie) and someone else to perhaps give me a nice massage. They say some husbands offer those services, but not mine....

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